Domestic Violence Intervention Program

office building At Positive Paths Consulting, I am committed to creating a safer and more peaceful world, one individual at a time. My boutique consultancy, nestled in the heart of Shelton, Connecticut, specializes in providing exceptional domestic violence intervention services.


At Positive Paths Consulting, I understand the complex dynamics of domestic violence and the importance of intervention to break the cycle. My Psychoeducational Virtual Support Groups for domestic violence intervention perpetrators offer a safe and confidential space where individuals can explore their behaviors, gain insights, and work toward positive change.

With my expertise in perpetrator virtual groups throughout Connecticut and a nationwide reputation as a sentencing and mitigation specialist, I am dedicated to guiding individuals toward positive change and supporting them every step of the way.


My services are tailored to professionals driven to achieve meaningful results and sincerely committed to transforming their lives. If you are seeking a fresh start, ready to take responsibility for your actions, and determined to break free from the cycle of domestic violence, Positive Paths Consulting is here to support you.


I believe in the power of personalized attention, confidentiality, and intimate group dynamics. My commitment to quality over quantity allows us to engage in a more focused and effective approach. By keeping group sizes small, I ensure that each participant receives the individualized guidance and support necessary for personal growth and transformation.


At Positive Paths Consulting, I deliver evidence-based practices that make a tangible difference in the lives of clients. My dedicated and highly skilled staff members utilize cognitive behavioral interventions within a psychoeducational group format, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to domestic violence intervention.

To initiate your journey toward a violence-free life, I’ll begin with a Clinical Domestic Violence Intake/Assessment. This vital step enables us to better understand your unique circumstances and develop a tailored plan for your progress. The fee for this comprehensive assessment is $375.00.

Following the assessment, I offer psychoeducational groups designed to address the core beliefs and behaviors contributing to violence directed at intimate partners. I provide three options for your convenience:

    1. Once a week for 1.5 hours for 26 weeks
      Fee: $250.00 per session
    2. Twice a week for 2 hours for 52 sessions
      Fee: $300.00 per session
    3. Once a Month for an individualized voluntary plan for continued support
      Fee: Same fees outlined above per session based upon prior group assignment


Please note that my services are not covered by insurance providers, ensuring my independence and dedication to providing unbiased and exceptional support. I exclusively accept payments through the Stripe payment processing platform to ensure a streamlined and secure payment process. This allows you to conveniently pay with debit cards, credit cards, or Apple Pay, providing a hassle-free experience as you embark on your journey of personal growth and transformation. 


Positive Paths Consulting is an approved agency provider and is recognized on the list for Domestic Violence Intervention Perpetrator services. As an approved agency, I can be utilized by defendants facing family violence charges as part of resolving their pending criminal proceedings in Connecticut.

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